it support in londonCase Study - Client "B" - IT Services Kent


“B” are a busy marketing and advertising agency, delivering campaigns for international clients, requiring IT services in Kent.  


They run a mixed IT environment encompassing Apple Macs for their designers and creative departments and Windows PCs for client management and administrative departments.  


At the core of their systems are several Windows servers, variously handling network authentication, file and print sharing, and email services via Microsoft Exchange. These Windows servers are supplemented with OS X Servers for handing user profiles, updates and file sharing for the Mac users. In addition to the backup features within both Windows and Apple servers, a cloud based backup has also been implemented.


Mobile devices include a mixture of Blackberries, iPads and iPhones. Microsoft Exchange works with all of these devices to keep everyone in touch when away from the office.


An ever-expanding client base and workload, has resulted in a growing business. The IT infrastructure is closely monitored and tested for reliability and robustness. Regular reviews of the IT roadmap and strategy are held to ensure this business remains at peak productivity without sacrificing system availability.

Bytesweb are specialists for IT Services, Kent.



Case Study - Client "W" - IT Business Solutions


Bytesweb are experts in helping clients with IT business solutions.

When we first met this client they were in a small serviced office. Their office was provided with a shared broadband connection. Five people shared this office, split between operational and administrative roles.  Everyone had their own system consisting of a PC, printer and, for some, a Blackberry and an additional laptop. POP email was provided by the website host. The only facility for sharing information was one unreliable Network Attached Storage drive.


We met with the client to establish what was working for them, what wasn’t and what they’d like that they didn’t have, advising them with IT business solutions.   


Microsoft Small Business Server was identified as the solution. Centrally shared folders, email presenting consistently between devices, shared calendars and contacts. Freeing office space by sharing two high quality printers rather than having one each. The facility to work remotely via VPN was also well received.  


We arranged with the office provider to have a faster broadband connection suitable for their new server.


Over time, our client's working patterns changed. Two years later more time was being spent at client offices or from home with less emphasis on operational staff being office based. We relocated their server to a host with faster broadband and an excellent availability record.    


Two years later and everyone was working remotely, they proposed a new server optimised for remote working. As well as continuing access through VPN, this new server also offered access to documents through Microsoft Sharepoint. 



Client "S" - IT Support London


This client is a Private hospital, who required IT support in London. They have three offices across the site. Their IT systems are Apple Mac based, including a server that had been installed and configured but, when we arrived, had never used due to an absence of instruction and guidance by the previous IT provider. The server was also unusable due to hardware failures caused by lack of maintenance. Two broadband lines came into the building. One was exclusively for the computers, the other for the telephone system. The financial administrator is based off-site and needed a solution for remote working. Despite having a mail capable server of their own, emails were still hosted off-site.


A project was undertaken to fixed hardware issues in the server, and then perform a clean install of the operating system. Services including file sharing, email, calendars, address books and remote access were configured. Network issues were resolved. Some computers were connected to the phone network and one phone had been connected to the data network. Wireless access points were configured correctly and switches were relocated to places they couldn’t be accidentally switched off.


They have experienced on-going interruptions to their broadband. A second line for data was installed with a different ISP and a load-balancing router maximises their speed and handles fail-over should either connection drop.


Recently they have expanded operation into a new site, providing on-going care. At this site is one office, with one Mac. We advised on communications infrastructure necessary for site to site operation and this computer now has a reliable connection to the server at the main site.


We continue to provide this growing business with day-to-day IT support in London and maintenance.

Client "M" - IT Consultancy London


Bytesweb can act an IT Consultancy, advising and helping you with your computing needs.

Mr M is a freelance interior designer, delivering high profile, high value projects. He works to urgent, tight deadlines. As such, credibility and reliability are two crucial factors in his important. When we first met him he was using a Windows PC, but wanted to change to a large screen iMac as he felt it was the best computer for his needs. He also suffered with unreliable broadband and was using generic email addresses.


We helped Mr M acquire the iMac and advised him on getting a faster, reliable broadband connection. We set up his iMac and gave him instruction on the differences and similarities with Windows. We also helped him register his own domain name including email hosting.


An office equipment supplier installed a large format printer/scanner. We helped with the setup of this as they were unfamiliar with Apple Macs and configured the scan functions so that workflow was efficient.


As time has gone on, we have continued to provide Mr M with professional advice, rapid response to technical issues and monitoring and management of his systems. 

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